Zhunan Campus

Zhunan Campus:

  • Address:35, Keyan Road, Zhunan Town, Miaoli County 350
  • Tel:+886-37-206-166

Traffic and parking information around Zhunan Campus:

National Institutes of Health has relocated to Zhunan Campus since the end of 1993,For more than 11 and a half years now, for the vast research community and related workers, how to come to this brand-new park to participate in various academic events or to conduct academic exchanges and cooperation or visit the hospital, transportation issues are the first items that must be overcome.

The Zhunan Campus of the Academy is located at the Zhunan Base of the Fourth Phase of the Science Park. The address is 35, Keyan Road, Zhunan Town, Miaoli County 350 (the intersection of Science Research Road and Kezhong Road, Zhunan Science Park). Scholars use it for reference.

I.Mass transit system:
Take the Taiwan Railway train After getting off at Zhunan Railway Station, exit from the new station in the direction of Toufen and transfer to a taxi in front of the train station to the hospital (about 15 minutes by taxi, the fare is about NT.300).
Take the
Taiwan High Speed Rail
Timetable & fare inquiry
  1. After getting off at Hsinchu Station (Zhubei), transfer to a taxi to the hospital (depending on road conditions, the journey takes about 40 minutes and the fare is about NT.700). Take a taxi to the taxi exit at the high-speed railway station to enter the area, and the cost is calculated according to the official meter jumping rate.
  2. Take the high-speed train to Hsinchu Station, take the Hsinchu Science Park tour bus orange line to the right of Exit 4 [High-speed Rail Bus Terminal 1], enter the Science and Technology Museum of the park, and then take the Hsinchu Science Park Purple Line to the Zhunan Campus.Park Tour Bus Schedule(pdf)
  3. After taking the high-speed rail to Hsinchu Station, transfer to the Taiwan Railway Station at Liujia Station of the Taiwan Railway, change to Hsinchu Railway Station to Zhunan Railway Station, then take a taxi to the hospital.
Miaoli Passenger Transport
  1. Take 5801 (Hsinchu à Toufen) at Zhongzheng Road in front of Hsinchu Railway Station, get off at Dingdapu Station on Zhonghua Road, turn right, and turn to Scientific Research Road (Park Flyover), and walk to Gate 2 of our hospital Zhunan Campus.
  2. Miaoli Passenger Transport Website
Free Purple Tour Bus in Hsinchu Science Park
  1. One bus every 30 minutes during peak hours and 60 minutes during off-peak hours at the intersection of Kexi Second Road and Keji Road in Zhunan Park (there is a stop sign at the detention pond in the park opposite the gate 3 of the hospital) and Zhu The intersection of South Park and Lianwai Road and Scientific Research Road (there is a stop near the Institute of Animal Science).
  2. Purple Line Stop: Xin'an Station (Hsinchu) → Quanyou Computer → Family Convenience Store → Alexandria Community → Science Intersection → Innolux Optoelectronics → Xuming Optoelectronics → Zhongqiang Optoelectronics → Dahui Optoelectronics → Sino-US Silicon Crystal → Stagnation Pool → Move Institute → Standard Workshop → Zhunan Park Service Office.
  3. Hsinchu Science Park Transportation Vehicle Information Website

II. By Car
Caption: Please refer to the description in the table below.

Driving on Zhongshan Expressway Take National Highway No. 1 to Toufen Interchange. After exiting the interchange, turn left to Hsinchu (Taiwan Line 13) (you can see the indicator at the lower interchange), → turn right to Taiyi Provincial Road (Zhonghua Road) → via Nanhai Rest Station → left Turn to Kedong 2nd Road → Taiwan Animal Science and Technology Research Institute → Turn left and enter Scientific Research Road → National Health Institute Gate 2 or 3 to enter the courtyard. The guards at the gate 2 or 3 of Zhuan Campus of our hospital will be allowed to pass after changing their licenses and pass Parked on an outdoor parking grid.
Drive on Northern National Highway No. 2 Take National Highway No. 3 to Xiangshan Interchange. After exiting the interchange, turn left and turn to the direction of the head. The second gate of the hospital is passed by the guards of the second gate of the Zhunan Campus of the hospital. The south side of the ring of the Supports building of the hospital and the 1.2 gates are equipped with VIP guest parking spaces.

III. Information about parking of cars and motorcycle:

Zhunan CampusThe car parking grid can be used by colleagues for parking. There are a total of 671 dedicated parking grids (underground parking grid 379, flat parking grid 292), detailed parking grid information is as follows:

Car parking lot (Parking for visitors and colleagues; 305 blocks in total)
  1. Plane car parking lot on the south side of the ring road of the Supports building: 34 grids (including 4 grids for disabled persons with disabilities).
  2. Roadside parking grids No. 1 and No. 2 of the Administration Building: 40 grids (including 5 parking spaces for foreign visitors' priority parking); in addition to the red paint on the roadside and the prohibition of parking at the turning areas, the sections without parking grids are also Unilateral parking available.
  3. Flat car parking lot on the east side of the Electrical and Mechanical Building next to Gate 3: 92 cells.
  4. Gate 3 to the parking lot on the side of the research building: 10 grids; in addition to the red paint on the side of the road and parking in the turning area, parking is not allowed. Unilateral parking can also be provided on the section of the road without a parking grid.
  5. Phase I flat car parking lot on the west side of the dormitory area: 84 grids.
  6. The second-stage flat car parking lot on the west side of the dormitory area: 42 grids (including the special parking grid for the disabled)-1 grid.
  7. In the dormitory area, there is a temporary parking lot on the right side of the gate of the kindergarten kindergarten: 3 grids (including the special parking grid for the physically and mentally disabled-1 grid, and 2 friendly parking spaces for women and children and construction vehicles).
Underground Parking Lot (Parking only for colleagues; 427 blocks in total)
  1. "Executive map-parking area on the second floor underground": Total parking space totals 195 grids (including general dedicated parking grid-170 grids, official car parking grid-6 grids, pregnant woman friendly parking grid-3 grids, and unloading parking grid-1 Grids, special parking grids for the physically and mentally handicapped (8 grids, first-level supervisors special parking grids-7 grids).
  2. "Parking area on the second floor of the Research Building": Total parking spaces total 218 cells (including general dedicated parking cells-209 cells, pregnant woman friendly parking cells-3 cells, unloading parking cells-3 cells, and physically and mentally disabled parking cells-3 cells) .
  3. "Parking area on the first floor (receiving station) of the basement of the research building": The total parking space is 14 grids (including the unloading dedicated parking grid -11 grid, the first-level supervisor dedicated parking grid-3 grid), and it is not open for general colleagues.

IV. The parking lot for machines and treadmills (a total of 890 grids):
Car parking lot (Parking for visitors and colleagues; 305 blocks in total)
  1. Parking area for planes and treadmills on the west side of Gate 2: 510 grids.
  2. Plane machine and treadmill parking lot on the east side of the Electrical and Mechanical Building beside Gate 3: 173 grids.
  3. Dormitory area:
    • Phase I plane and treadmill parking lot: 168 grids.
    • Phase II plane plane and treadmill parking lot: 39 grids.
Taipei Office

Taipei Office:

  • Address:10F, 3, Yuanqu Street, Taipei 115
  • Tel:(02)2653-4401
  • Fax:(02)2651-3723

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Tainan Campus

Tainan Campus:

  • Address: No. 367, Shengli Rd., North Dist., Tainan City 704
  • Tel: 06-7000123 #65207
  • Fax: 06-2083417

Tainan Campus located in the building complex of Cheng Kung University, the location and directly opposite the Cheng Kung University Hospital. For public transportation information, please refer to the website set up by Cheng Kung University.(Cheng Kung University Hospital Website), There is bus information, high-speed rail connection, Cheng Kung University Hospital shuttle bus and parking information.

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