1. Authorization method and scope

In order to facilitate the wide use of website materials by all walks of life, all the materials and materials published on the National Health Research Institutes shall be protected by copyright, provided free of charge, non-exclusive, and re-authorized for public use, users have no time limit And regions, remake, change, edit, open transmission or use in other ways to develop various products or services (referred to as value-added derivatives), this authorization will not be withdrawn afterwards, and the user does not need to obtain the written authority Or other authorization. When using it, you should indicate the source.

2. Relevant matters

(1) The scope of this authorization is only within the scope of copyright protection, and not to other intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the provision of patents, trademarks, and agency marks.

(2) Whether the personal data disclosed by the parties themselves or disclosed in accordance with laws and regulations must be collected, processed, and utilized, users must plan and implement the corresponding measures required by law in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law.

(3) Some of the audiovisual, image, music score, and personal project writings, because the website of the agency only has the status of public publication according to the contract, so the materials that the agency specifically declares that they can only be used with permission are not within the scope of this authorization.

(4) Using the information and materials provided by this license, it is not allowed to maliciously change the relevant information. If the information displayed after editing and rewriting is inconsistent with the original, the user shall bear civil and criminal legal responsibility.

3. Relevant links on our website

The authorization of this website is not granted to users, and it represents, recommends, endorses, or agrees to the status of its value-added derivatives on behalf of this agency.