National Health Research Institutes(Hereinafter referred to as our hospital) We attach great importance to your privacy, so our hospital has formulated a privacy protection policy, as follows:

1.Confidentiality and security of personal data

Protecting the user ’s personal privacy is one of our important business concepts. Without the user ’s consent, we will never provide the user ’s personal data to any third party who has nothing to do with the service of the hospital. Users should properly keep their internet passwords and personal data confidential, and do not provide any personal information, especially internet passwords, to anyone. After using the various service functions provided by the website of our hospital, you must remember to log out of your account. If you share a computer with others or use a public computer, remember to close the browser window.
The employees of this hospital who have the right to access your personal data are limited to those employees who this company reasonably believes are to provide you with products or services and to obtain information in order to complete Jobs.
We have taken physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that meet the requirements of regulations to protect the security of your personal data.

2.Application of this privacy protection policy

This privacy protection policy applies only to this hospital, not to organizations not related to this hospital, nor to people who are not employed or managed by this hospital.

3. Collection and use of personal data

When you sign up for various activities through our hospital's "National Health Research Institutes" website or subscribe to the newsletter issued by our hospital, our hospital will collect your personal data.
When this hospital collects your personal data according to the above circumstances, we will ask you for your name, company name, contact number, fax, mobile phone, address, e-mail address, and whether you are willing to receive the relevant messages of this hospital.
The hospital generally uses the information for the following purposes: sending electronic official documents, newsletters, event advertisements and messages EDM, meeting your requirements for products and services, improving our services, contacting you, conducting research, and providing anonymous reports for internal and external customers .

4. Information sharing and disclosure

Unless it is to provide you with the products or services you request, obtain your authorization, or the following circumstances, otherwise our hospital will not lend or sell your personal data to any other person or business, or share it with:

  • We respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal procedures, obtain or exercise legal rights, or defend against claims in litigation.
  • We believe that in order to investigate and prevent illegal activities, suspected fraud, potential threats to personal safety, violations of our hospital ’s terms of service, or to take countermeasures to the above situations, or otherwise provided by law And it is necessary to share your personal information.
    Based on your personal data, our hospital sends you electronic documents, newsletters, event advertisements and EDM messages.
  • When you browse or interact with marketing advertisements, our hospital will not provide any personal information to advertisers. However, once you browse or interact with the advertisement or leave your personal information, you agree that the advertiser may assume that you meet the precise marketing standards used for display advertising.
  • Our advertisers include financial service providers (such as banks, insurance agents, securities brokers, and mortgage lenders) and non-financial companies (such as stores, airlines, and software companies).
  • Our hospital collaborates with suppliers, partners, advertisers and other service providers from all walks of life.

5. Right to delete data

You can cancel at any time. Our hospital will send you electronic documents, newsletters, event advertisements and messages based on your personal EDM data.

6. Revision of privacy protection policy

If there are any changes to this privacy policy, we will post amendments and a new version of the privacy policy on this website. The amendments and the new version of the privacy policy will take effect immediately after posting, but we do not have this limit unless otherwise specified. You agree that all data collected on this website (whether collected before or after the new policy takes effect) shall be subject to the latest privacy policy in effect at that time. If you do not agree with the latest changes to this privacy policy, you should contact the hospital in writing and request the hospital to return or destroy all copies of personal data held by you.

7. Questions and suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.