Publication Center

  • Date: 2020-03-18
  • Update: 2020-04-08
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  • To promote image of NHRIby using proper communication facilities.
  • To publish publications with consistency, functionality and timeliness.

Major Publication Services

Publication Center issues NHRI Communications on a weekly basis

  • The contents of NHRI Communications cover research developments, academic exchange, health news, personnel news, speech videos, and new publications.
  • Its subscribers include general public, reporters, journalists, legislators, and medical professionals.

Publication Center publishes the following items in hard copies

  • Pamphlets: in Chinese and English
  • Annual Reports: in Chinese and English
  • Video Briefings: in Chinese and English

Publication Management

  • Publication Center facilitates the application of ISBN, GPN and CIP for book publications.
  • Publication Center provides services to manage and distribute NHRI publications to the general public.

Editing and Translation Services

  • Updating the “Science and Technology Yearbook” for National Science Council.
  • Updating the “Annual Report of Public Health” for Department of Health.
  • Maintaining and updating the NHRI Academic Calendar.
  • Assisting NHRI supporting units in translating documents from Chinese to English.