• Date: 2020-03-30
  • Update: 2020-03-31
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The Department of Research Planning and Development has four offices organized, according to their specific missions:

The Office of Planning

The Office of Planning and Evaluation (hereafter as the PE Office) was established in September 1998 under the supervision of the NHRI President. Due to the organization re-structure, the PE Office is combined into the Department of Research Planning and Development from October 2006, and re-named as The Office of Planning. The Office of Planning will carry the following tasks:

  • Preparing and submitting the mid-term framework plans and budgetary estimates for different fields every year to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan reviews as the basis for annual budget request.
  • In according with the government assessment system for scientific & technology plans, setting up the key performance indicators for the projects at the NHRI, as well as compiling the "NHRI Annual Reports" and self-appraisal reports in different fields for the government assessment.
  • Cooperating with Accounting Office in the Department of Administration to prepare the budget statements and final reports for the Legislation Yuan's budgetary examination and review.
  • Preparing NHRI annual report and submitting the NHRI achievement materials to the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Science and Technology to be included in "Public Health Annual Report" and "Scientific and technical yearbook".

The Office of Cultivation

To achieve the ultimate goal of excellence, the office focuses on obtaining more research funds, awards and honors through competition as well as constant self assessment of the institutes’ performance. The main activities were listed below:

  • Assists in the procurement and competition for the research grants provided by the government agencies.
  • Assists in the procurement and competition for the service contracts provided by the government agencies, universities and private sectors.
  • Assists in the competition for rewards toward researchers and research teams from various sources.
  • Arrange periodical review committee to evaluate the performance of the Institutes to fulfill the requirements of the governmental funding and secure the procurement status of the Institutes.

The Office of Review

  • Planning and implementing extramural grants programs (Integrated Research Grants in Health and Medical Sciences): RFA, review, management and evaluation
  • Planning and proposing requested research topics for extramural grants to fulfill missions of NHRI and promote collaborations between intramural and extramural researchers
  • Implementing various fellowships and awards programs to promote biomedical research
  • Providing administrative support for MOHW (Ministry of Health and Welfare) phase II cancer center support grants: RFA, review, management and evaluation

The Office of Development

  • Planning and providing administrative support for scientific review of PIs and research units
  • Functioning NHRI Appointment and Promotion Committee and revising the guidelines for appointment/reappointment and promotion processes
  • Planning and conducting activities of new director searching for research units
  • Implementing scientific review procedures and project management of contracting or collaboration projects
  • Conducting 5-year overall institute evaluation
  • Conducting and supporting academic activities