Human Resource Office

  • Date: 2020-03-18
  • Update: 2020-04-01
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Management of NHRI personnel-related affairs and administration of authorized complement and approved budget and expenditure. 


Human Resource Office – Major Responsibilities

NHRI personnel employment and appointment, salary approval, report-for-duty, transfer, resignation, termination, employee attendance and salary management, employment review, employee performance appraisal and promotion, human resource databank management, employee welfare and benefits, insurance affairs, closure of extramural research projects, administration of day care center, etc.

Research Student Office – Major Responsibilities

Fostering research students’ understanding and recognition of NHRI, coordinating the conflicting demands between NHRI requirements and research students’ schoolwork, organizing summer/winter internship and training activities at NHRI for local undergraduate students and students studying overseas.

Office Staff

Chief (1) and administrative personnel (10, including those of Research Student Office)


  • Employment and appointment
  • Salary management
  • Attendance management
  • Performance appraisal and promotion
  • Insurance and employee welfare and benefits
  • Employee resignation, retirement, severance, compensation, and indemnity
  • Personnel and human resource management
  • Employee training
  • Salary management and closure for extramural projects
  • Mail room
  • Day care center administration
  • Other assigned responsibilities


Fulfilling the responsibilities of NHRI employment and appointment, salary management and employee welfare and benefit administration, budget control, etc.

Short-Term Objectives

Enhancing the efficiency of administrative works and promoting the accuracy, agility, and accountability of major responsibilities through implementation of and compliance with standard operating procedures.

Long-Term Goals

Striving for optimal management and utilization of NHRI personnel and human resources, facilitating ongoing promotion of NHRI employee quality and professionalism, fostering effective employee cooperation and coordination, and advancing teamwork to help achieve NHRI research goals.