Computing and Information Center

  • Date: 2020-03-26
  • Update: 2020-04-09
  • Source: National Health Research Institutes
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The Center develops and maintains computer software/hardware and network systems for the intramural units.

Five major activities are listed as follows:

System Administration Team

  • Servers Management
  • Database Management
  • Bioinformatics Services
  • Storage Management
  • Support and consulting Services
  • Application Planning, Building and Maintenance
  • End users' services

Network Commucication Team

  • Campus Network Infrastructure
    Plan, build, manage, and maintain the campus fiber network, wire & wireless network, and ADSL network.
  • Internet & Intranet Connectivity
    Plan, build, manage, and maintain the BGP routing and OSPF routing.
  • Information Security
    Handle computer security incidents & vulnerabilities and publish security alerts.

System Development Team

  • Support and maintain the computerization of administrant activities in each division and department in NHRI.
  • Maintain and provide training for each application system.
  • Assist research division and department in handling research data, e.g. building experimental data in a database etc.
  • Program small application systems for each research division and department.
  • Support data manipulation for National Health Insurance Research Database.

Client Service Team

  • Intramural IT development: IT Hard- & Soft-ware Requirement & Application Management
  • Intramural IT Equipment Purchasing
  • Software License Application
  • IT Equipment Maintenance

Help Desk Service Team

  • Offer information in the courtyard service in the communicative channel HelpDesk platform, note down , track and notify with the favorable case
  • Offer the execution that the ring of the host computer room accuses of system , entrance guard's managing and general homework in the courtyard
  • Information safety management and planning of the computer lab of the computer and host computer
  • Cooperate with room equipment entering of the host computer newly, unusual fluctuation , execution homework making the shelf in the courtyard.
  • Cooperate with the management homework that the form of host computer room uses in the courtyard.